languages added to yazzy's

Languages Added to Yazzy’s

As you might have noticed, we are extending our website with translations. To have several languages was a natural course to go since we are situated in a country, Luxembourg, which is trilingual.

Translating a website into different languages takes a lot of effort and time. So please bear with us as we are actually in the process of doing so for the moment. For the moment, we have two extra languages in our repertoire; French and German.

We do not yet have really and end date, but hope to be ready in the next two months.

Languages added to Yazzy's Luxembourg
Luxembourg City

Therefore, if you are looking for a page or product with no translation into the language you are looking for, then look for the page in the original language, English, in most cases.

One has the option to go to Google Translate and have the page translated. You can copy-paste our website address into the form. The outputs will be the language you wish the page to read. Or if it is an informative page you can always contact us we will be able to help you in French, German, English, Portuguese, Dutch or Italian. This is also valid for product pages, of course.

Newsletter and the different languages

Regarding our newsletters, they will stay for the time being in English and Dutch. We might have French and German versions online. Just keep an eye on our website and we will inform you accordingly, or even better, subscribe to our newsletter.

We had a question if we had any other languages planned. The answer to this question is that there is no planning in the near future. However, this can of course change, so stay tuned.

So we would like to wish you happy shopping for fabulous jewellery and accessories.