Payment methods Yazzy's Fashion

How can you pay at Yazzy’s?


Yazzy’s offers the following payment methods:


Direct or wire transfer

You can use your bank account to make your payment into our bank account directly. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. If your order is a rush order, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service with your Order ID, and we will look after it.

– Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards, so there shouldn’t be a problem. However, please note: that since B-Important GmbH/Sarl is our mother company, your payment to Yazzy’s will appear as B-Important GmbH/Sarl on your statements. More information you can find on our About Yazzy’s page.

– Ideal

You also can pay with Ideal. This is a payment method from the Netherlands.

 – Bancontact/Mistercash

We offer for Belgium card holders also the payment method Bancontact / Mistercash.

– Apple Pay

Another payment method that we accept is Apple Pay. Customer-friendly and convenient if you are using an Apple device.


We also offer SOFORT so you can quickly pay from your bank account. However, due to the way Sofort works, we will only ship the package as soon the amount has arrived at our Payment Gateway. This can cause some delays. Therefore, if you need something quickly then it is best to pay with a credit card.

– Paypal

With Paypal, you can pay by Credit card or bank account. You can use Paypal only for purchases of € 15 or higher. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. This is because of the rising costs of using Paypal as a business. However, we have plenty of other

– Yazzy’s Gift Cards

Of course, you can pay with our gift card. You do not need to spend the entire gift card on one purchase. More information regarding this you can find on a dedicated page regarding our convenient gift cards.

– Klarna – Pay later – Slice it – Pay now

Now available the several different payment options of Klarna. You can now order and pay later, or even better, you can pay in instalments. There are certain conditions to this. One of ours is that you make an account at Yazzy’s. An account is only necessary for Pay later and Slice it.
You can read more about the conditions of Klarna on their website for your region.


If you buy from us you are protected in several ways.

  1. We have do not hold any details regarding your credit card or any of your payment details. This means that no information can be found on our side.
  2. The payment is executed either by Mollie or Stripe. These companies are top-notch in their field.
  3. Payment is secured via SSL. You can see that on the little lock in the address bar.

If you have any questions regarding this subject or any other, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this via our contact form or you can, of course, call us. As a payment processor, we use the reputable companies Mollie B.V. and Stripe. You can find more information regarding these companies on the net.

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