Yazzy's Gifts for the bold gift guide

Gifts for the Bold

You like to stand out from a crowd? Or you are searching for somebody who does? Then this page is for you. Gifts for the bold ones. Ultra-long necklaces, handbags in flashing colours. This is what you can expect here. 

We offer gifts in all kind of price ranges. Do not forget our wrapping-service, this is now included in your purchase. You can have your presents conveniently wrapped by us. This will save you time and hassle. Especially now with all restrictions in place.

We offer worldwide shipping, and it is included in your purchase from € 50. Different shipping options also available.

In short, it is very convenient to shop with us. Especially if you are looking for unique one-of-a-kind fashion jewellery and accessories. 

Sold OutBaton Rouge Swarovski Necklace SetBaton Rouge Red Gothic Necklace Set
PopularLong Necklace set PinkLong Necklace set Siam
SaleStrass Statement ring - sideLarge statement ring with strass

Strass Statement Ring

16.75 13.50
Popularstatement pendant necklaceSwarovski pendant sieradenset
Saleart nouveau necklace detailart nouveau necklace

Necklace Art Nouveau Style

43.50 38.00
Salegothic necklace swarovski crystalsGothic necklace jet black swarovski crystals

Gothic necklace

42.50 37.50
Salenecklace set with bead tassels extreme necklace set
PopularNecklace set with Swarovski crystals puple cross royalNecklace cross with Swarovski crystals
Saletribal necklace setBoho Tribal Necklace

Tribal Necklace Set Niagra

22.50 16.50
SaleNecklace Set with Spheres

Necklace Set with Spheres

50.00 42.00
SaleGreen vintage necklaceGreen Vintage Look Necklace Set

Vintage Look Necklace Set

53.50 47.50