Silver plated filigree bracelet

Jewellery Trends of 2022

Although we tend not to jump on the bandwagon every year, we were a bit tempted to write an article about what the jewellery trends of 2022 are going to look like. Jewelry has been around since ancient times, and we have seen many different styles come and go over the years. But there are still some designs that will never change. Here are some of the most popular jewellery trends for 2022. The rise of silver, or better the resistance of silver to dissappear entirely. It remains one of the most popular jewellery metals.


As you might know or not, silver is one of the oldest metals used in jewellery making. It’s also one of the most versatile materials. You can use it as an accent colour, add texture, or even make a statement with a bold piece. Still one of the jewellery trends of 2022.

We have some bold pieces ourselves in silver, like these fire earrings which have, besides being a great design, a mat finish. Therefore this collection is a double bold statement.

Fire and Ice Earrings Sterling Silver
Fire and Ice Silver Earringsd

If you do not wish to spend so much, as silver jewellery can be quite expensive depending on what you are willing to pay, you can go for silver plated.

Cuffs will be hot this summer and you are in luck! We have a silver plated filigree like cuff in our collection to die for! And you are double lucky as the silver plated jewellery we sell will not fade quickly.

Silver plated filigree bracelet jewellery trends of 2022
Silver Plated Filigree Cuff Jewellery Trends of 2022

Wish to know more about the difference between .925 silver or sterling silver and silver plated, or gold plated? Check out our blog post about exactly this subject. You are also always welcome with your questions via e-mail.


Another favourite of ours is hot this summer. Chokers can come with Swarovski crystals or beads or whatever you fancy. It is of course a style which goes never out of fashion and can be matched with so many other outfits. Very versatile indeed.

Check out for instance this fabulous Swarovski choker with the aurora borealis crystal which will change colour.

Statement Pieces

In our view also a trend which never really leaves the stage. The bigger the better, the more unusual ……the more we love it!

Our ultimate statement piece is this very long necklace which is actually a jewellery set. Available in several different Swarovski crystal colours.

Long Necklace Set Aurora Borealis
Swarovski crystals in a very long necklace

You will not get it better than this! Of course, this is more suitable to the bold ones among us, would you like a statement piece which is in a way a bit toned down? That can also be arranged. Like this, still every long necklace set. To top this one of you will have earrings to die for!

necklace set with bead tassels
Ultra long Bead Tassel Neclace Set


Colourful jewellery is another trend which is remerging every summer basically. Who doesn’t like to wear colours in the summer? Except for Goths probably but beside them, probably everybody.

Jewellery Trends of 2022 Conclusion

So this is a short recap of the jewellery trends of 2022. However, this also depends on where you are in the world. Northern hemisphere it is summer but in the southern hemisphere, it is winter.

But let’s face it. The jewellery trends of 2022 or 20xx doesn’t matter. The trend is any trend you like to wear!

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