As soon as your order has cleared for payment your order will be processed and made ready for shipment. If you order an item or items during the holidays or weekend, it might happen that there are 2 days added to this. However, you will always be notified about the status of your order. Orders received at 15.00 hours will be send the same day.


Below you can find a table for quick reference. 

Shipping costs will depend on the weight and your geographical zone. We offer free shipping for orders from € 50,–  for Europe and € 60,–  for the rest of the world. Keep an eye on special discounts though via our newsletter.

We always send your package with a tracking number. An exception to this are the children’s jewellery.


Europe Union

For the moment we ship with Deutsche Post € 3.75 and DHL € 6.50. Children’s jewellery will cost € 2.00 via the Deutsche post and handbags € 5.75. Please allow approx. 1 to 3 days depending on the shipping method chosen. Belgium is a bit different. A lot of Belgian customers have asked if we cannot send with Bpost (not sure why, but so be it) and of course we are listening to our customers. Bpost will cost for children’s jewellery € 1.68, Jewellery and rest € 3.75 handbags € 5.00. This option is only available to Belgium

Free Shipping

Outside European Union

For the moment we ship with Deutsche Post € 3.75 and DHL € 10.00. Children’s jewellery will cost € 2.00 via the Deutsche post and handbags € 4.75 Deutsche post. Please allow approx. 1 to 5 days depending on the shipping method chosen.



Rest of the World

Rest of the World is also being send by Deutsche Post this will cost € 4.75 and €6.75 for handbags. Children’s jewellery costs €2.00 Orders above the €60,– are free of any delivery charge.  Arrival depends on the location we are shipping to. However you will always know where you package is, since we will provide you with a tracking number. Except children’s jewellery. Customs can  sometimes also play a part therefore, count anywhere between 5-20 days. However, during busy periods like Christmas delivery can take a bit longer. DHL will cost you € 12.75.


Delivery time

Delivery for Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium is around 1 to 3  days. European union should be around 2 to 5 days. Please allow longer delivery times for items send outside the European union.


Pick up

If you wish, you can also pick up your order. Please chose the correct delivery method during ordering your product(s) and advise us at what time and day you wish to pick up your order.

Free Shipping is available Deutsche Post: Europe € 50 Rest of the world € 60 

DHL Europe € 75 Rest of the World € 100 

Table to clarify things

European UnionOutside UnionRest of the world
Deutsche Post€ 2.00 Kids jewellery

€ 3.75 Jewellery

€ 4.75 Handbags

€ 2.00 Kids jewellery

€ 3.75 Jewellery

€ 5.75 Handbags

€ 2.00 Kids jewellery

€ 3.75 Jewellery

€ 6.75 Handbags

DHL€ 6.50€ 10€ 12.75
Bpost only Belgium€ 1.68 Kidssieraden

€ 3.75 Jewellery+

€ 5.00 Handbags

Shipping time1-3 dagen1-5 dagen5-23 Dagen



Deutsche Post DHL



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