We are going eco-friendly

We are going eco-friendly

We are very excited to announce our new packaging! And the good news is that it is eco-friendly packing, as we also care about nature as well as beautiful jewellery and accessories.

Below you can see an image of the jewellery box we send out with our jewellery.

eco-friendly packing yazzy's fashion accessories
Yazzy’s eco-packing of Yazzy’s Fashion Accessories

What is eco-friendly packing?

Maybe you are asking yourself this question. Quick explanation although we are no way near any experts on this subject, we will try our best.

Basically, eco packaging or sustainable packing is anything which is easy to recycle. It is safe for the environment and humans. You can, of course, go a step further and take a look at the way it was manufactured as well. Where the impact on energy consumption and the resources in nature are impacted at least as possible. minimum

We always encourage our customers to recycle every piece of packing, which is relatively easy to do. This way, nothing will straight away end up in the bin.

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