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Are you looking for unique handmade earrings online? You will find them at Yazzy’s Fashion Accessories. Whether you are looking for long earrings with Swarovski crystals or gold plated earring studs as well as silver plated earrings. We have them in our collection. Please note that our gold plated earrings and silver plated earrings are high quality plating that will not peel.

What is very appealing and festive is our dangle and drop sterling silver earrings. Sterling silver or .925 will ensure that they will last for a long time. 

New in our collection si the .925 silver earrings collection. That is really design jewellery of the highest quality. If you like unique jewellery, then this is a must for you. The sterling silver earrings in this collection can also be adapted to your wishes. For instance, if you want gold earrings instead of silver, we can customise jewellery for you. 

We also offer cute gold earrings for kids. You will find these at Children’s Jewellery.

Are you more in the market for earrings and necklace sets than we can point you to our jewellery sets? 99% of this collection comes with perfectly matched earrings. These can be either earring studs or long dangle earrings.

Almost all our fashion jewellery and accessories are in stock. Or have a very short lead time. The exception to this is the Concept store.

Free shipping is available from € 50 for Europe and the rest of the world.