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Maybe you have the question what is aurora borealis jewellery? We can be short and sweet in the explanation.

Any Jewellery or Costume Jewellery made with this fabulous stone. One of the characteristics is that it changes its colour as soon as the angle of light changes. It sounds complicated, but try it out on a piece of jewellery with an aurora borealis stone or bead. It is especially remarkable in candlelight.

What is Aurora borealis made of
We are still talking about the jewellery here and not the northern lights. That is an entirely different story. The jewellery can be from a simple bead to aurora borealis crystal. As long it has the same characteristics as mentioned above. At Yazzy’s, you can find various jewellery with this bead or stone. Aurora Borealis jewellery sets, rings or earrings.

Please beware that you might be seeing a different colour but all jewellery pieces on this page are available in Aurora Borealis