Detecting fake Swarovski crystals

Here is a little guide in detecting fake Swarovski crystals in fashion jewellery and any where else it has been used. It is in no way exhaustive. If you have some input, please let us and everybody else know. In this way we can learn from each other how not to fall into the trap.


This one is quite easy to detect. We often see jewellery which claims to be “Genuine” Swarovski crystals. The necklace, ring or any other piece has many crystals. The price is $ 2 . This is impossible since only in material it would be much more expensive to produduce. Very simple, impossible! The same goes for people who buy only the elements to use in jewellery making. If it is too cheap to be true, it is possibly not the real deal.

The Cut

The cut is quite specific with Swarovski crystals. It is straight and doesn’t swirl, crooked or any other funny things going on. Secondly, the shine is extremely present. This is the equal with the beads and crystals. Also the clarity, a bit like a diamond, should be clear. No clouding and such should be visible. Of course this is quite difficult or not at all seeable in a black crystal. But the surface should be smooth.


The best way is to compare 2 crystals next to each other. Then you will, for sure, see the difference. Of course, also experience in this will help. So the more you handle them, the better you will become in detecting fake Swarovski crystals.

You can be sure that with us you buy the real deal. We HATE fakes, imitations and anything related to this. We only use reputable and high-quality materials. If you want to see Fashion Jewellery with real Swarovski crystals, you can go have a look here for fashion  fashion jewellery with genuine  Swarovski crystals.

Detecting fake Swarovski crystals
Here an example of a fabulous necklace with Swarovski crystals and faux pearls

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