This tend to be by no way exhaustive. Just a small guide how you can identify quality leather. Also to give a background about leather.


What is leather


It can be described as the hide or skin from an animal. The hair or wool may or may not, have been removed. The skin or hide can also be split into layers.

Basically everybody knows more or less what leather is. However, a lot of people cannot distinguish between really good quality and poor quality leather. The latter is often being used for very cheap handbags. However, it can also be that it is just fake and just has the stamp of being the genuine product. The knock offs are just plain plastic, PU, faux or some other fancy name. Nothing wrong with that of course, if they notify the buyer that it is genuine plastic ;-).  For instance if you see these words in conjunction with the word leather then it is NOT leather; bonded, coated laminated.

And always look for this sign if you buy something.


Leather can last a lifetime

If it is made from real good quality it can last forever. So even though it might be a higher investment you will for certain get your moneys worth. At least that is my opinion and experience. Some people claim that PU has the same endurance or even better. That is of course not entirely true or not true at all. Pu will almost always break, wear and tear or some other malfunction will arise.


The process of before an item can become made of leather, is quite extensive.



leather workding





To not become too technical; The outer two layers on each side of the hides are being removed. This is done before the tanning process and is called liming.


The thickness of skin increases with age. This is why calfskins are much thinner, smoother and often softer than the hides or skins of already mature animals. The next grade is the hides from cows. The toughest, thickest and courses are the hides of mature bulls. These are very strong and are used for certain kind of products.

However, thick hides are often too thick so they are being split layer wise. This is called grain leather and a flesh split. Flesh split we know as Suede. The latter is less durable due to their splitting.


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