Unique Gift Ideas

Soon it will be Christmas, and you might have taken a peek on our gift-guide pages. Maybe you have found already your gift of choice if not we have some unique gift ideas for you.

Of course, it all depends on the person, but there are some gifts which will give a smile on any women’s face. Let not forget the little one’s, and we have some delightful items as well for them.

Unique Gift Ideas

Silver Plated Bracelet Set

If you do not wish to spend the money for sterling silver jewellery. In that case, our silver plated jewellery is an excellent substitute. Since it will not peel easily, you still will have years of enjoyment when you treat your jewellery with care and a little bit of love. However, that is of course also valid for .925 silver jewellery.
Our Silver Plated Bracelet set is quite unique. It is made of wires all around. This set is really fun since you can interchange the earrings. Favourably priced it is one to get your hold on now. There are not many left.

Silver Plated Bracelet Set
Silver Plated Bracelet Set

Choker set with Swarovski Crystals

This choker with Swarovski Crystals is for the more bold and stylish. This necklace set is a regal piece. Could you imagine wearing this on a black evening gown. Or even en little black dress will give your outfit a tremendous boost. It is one of our favourites since it is timeless.
Made with Swarovski Elements or Crystals, this will assure you of a high-quality piece.

Swarovski Choker with matching earrings in silver color
Choker Set with Swarovski Crystals

Fun Necklace

This leather cord necklace with charms is a fun necklace for every day, with all the charms hanging on a leather cord. You can wear this on a t-shirt with jeans, for instance. It is still a lovely vibrant necklace which has a fun-loving vibe.

Necklace leather with fun charms
Fun loving necklace with leather cord and charms

The bracelets for children

Our bracelets for children made of anti-allergen material 18k gold plated. These bracelets will give a chic boost to your little one. Not suitable for really young children though, but already little ladies in the making. You can make a lovely set with variable earrings which will be perfectly matched to the bracelets. Or you can opt to the more bold bracelets with a more dark exterior. These contain coloured strass stone for an extra bit of chic.

More unique gift ideas

More unique gift ideas are now available in our gift-guide. There you can search on amount and type of person you are looking for. Need some help? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this for instance via Facebook and we will respond immediately.