Need quick Gift ideas? Checkout these 12 items

We all have been there, you forgot somebody or there was somebody added to your party last minute. So you have to get a last minute gift.

We have a few quick gift ideas, from our website of course, assembled with which you will not fault. And then we have of course the good old gift voucher which is of course a safe bet idea . We have several different amounts to chose from.

So here are our quick gift ideas. But hurry some items will sell out as we have only one of them left!

1. Leather Wallet: This stylishly handmade leather wallet is the perfect gift for any occasion.

2. Real drop Earrings: These beautiful handmade earrings with gems is luxurious and can be worn for any occasion. With a variety of colours and designs, you can find the perfect earring to give as a gift.

3. Yazzy’s men’s Jewellery: These pieces feature a combination of colourful leather or cord and intricate designs. They make great gifts for any occasion.

4. Yazzys Leather Bags: These stylish leather bags are perfect for carrying all of your essentials, and come in a variety of styles and colors. They make great gifts for any occasion and are sure to be a hit.

5. Our silver jewellery of course always safe bet! They are versatile beautiful and you will have a designer piece which is unique!

We hope this has helped you in your last minute search of gifts. If ou have any doubts or questions we are during these days mostly online and are here to help!