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There is a “new” trend #neckmess which we have been doing for a while now. Although in a more ordered fashion of course. If you look at our layered necklaces, for instance, they are one wonderfull neckmess. Filled with chains, beads and Swarovski crystals. They are like a cascade of lovely fitted and attuned necklaces. So maybe not so much a mess but more of #neckorder ;).

Jewellery sets as a neckmess

Many of multi-layered necklaces come in the form of a jewellery set. Flawlessly matched earrings in the same colour as the necklace. You can, of course, also stack several necklaces on top of each other no problem there. But to have the full beauty of our jewellery you have to ensemble them well.

But what would be more fun is to combine our Swarovski jewellery with something with beads. There is no rule within this, so everything goes. Let it go with your mood, your routine or anything that suits you. In that way, you could really create one big mess ;).

Below you can find a nice ensemble of turquoise necklaces.

neckmess necklaces turquoise
Neckmess necklaces Yazzy’s Fashion Accessories

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