Yes, it is here Yazzy’s Concept Store. 

You might be asking why a store in a store? Well, the reason behind this is that we will be selling a different kind of product here. Although you might still be finding jewellery in here. Besides jewellery, you will find some fun-loving flip-flops, home-decor items, for example in here.

This is what we have at the moment but stay tuned. There is more to come. But even better, subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be added to our family and be a well-informed Yazzyian.

Some shipping information. 

When added to the cart, you will see the shipping info mentioned like duration and price. This, in comparison to items you find in the other sections. Aforementioned will be basically for all products in our concept store. If not, then it will be mentioned in the description of the merchandise.

For instance, we have some custom products which will be produced only when ordered. You can imagine that these have a different shipping time then earrings or a necklace which we have on stock. 

Nevertheless, you can always mix items in your order that is no problem at all. 

We do invite you to have a look at our other shop as well. And do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter. It will be worthwhile, we promise!

Please note that the products sold in the concept store cannot be gift wrapped.