Blue Leather Wallet


Blue leather wallet with colourful fabric on the outside and inside. This leather wallet has place for cards, coin money, paper money and even your drivers licence. Made of high quality soft leather. A real must have.

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Blue leather wallet. Additionally to the leather the outside is made of a very colourful and fun fabric. One can carry a total of 8 cards in this wallet.   Little coin money is also not a problem. Neither is carrying your drivers licence. The leather is soft and of a very high quality. The wallet is lined with some wonderful red fabric. This makes a very nice contrast with the soft blue leather of the outside. This leather wallet is really nice craftsmanship in addition to the nice chrome button to close your leather wallet.

This blue leather wallet will go great with for instance one of our blue handbags. They will make a wonderful team and make everybody jealous around you.

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 11 × 13 cm



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