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Triple Swarovski stud earrings
SaleBlue Charm BraceletTrio charms bracelets

Trio of Charm Bracelets

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Popularswarovski set with studs Fashion Jewellery and Accessoriesswarovski set with studs
Sold OutSwarovski art deco Necklace Set
Royal Star Ketting met Strass
Gold Colour Earrings
Flowers bracelet and strass blue
Bracelet kids blue flowersflowers red flower bracelet for children
blue dolphins children earringsdolphin earrings
red butterfly earringsBlue butterfly earrings gold plated
Blue Leather Wallet
Halo handbagBlue Leather Handbag Halo
Blue Charm Bracelet
snorkel blue leather handbagBlue leather handbag Baguette Bag