Beautiful Sterling Silver Rings are now available at Yazzy’s. You can order these rings in any size. This means even if you have a size that is not your standard ring size, even then, these rings are orderable. All our sterling silver jewellery have silver marks. Marks are important as the silver mark will give the warranty that it is genuine!

More information regarding silver and silver-plated can be fond in our article.

Custom made Sterling Silver Rings

Do you want a ring in gold or a little bit different? Then you can contact us as well with your wishes.
You can have a piece of jewellery, completely custom made to your wishes. Just contact us, and we will discuss your wishes.

Please have a look at our Sterling Silver Earrings as well. There the same rules apply. You can adapt them to your liking. In this manner, you can have your own custom made jewellery set in silver.

All silver jewellery is delivered in a beautiful and lovely jewellery box.