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  • Rainkiss Multicolour City Lights Poncho

    Rainkiss Multicolour City Lights Poncho

    • Universal Fit: Ideal for everyone, showcased on a 172cm model
    • Tailored Excellence: Cut with precision for a sleek look
    • Eco-Chic: Made from certified 100% Recycled Polyester
    • Planet-Friendly: Crafted using less energy for a greener footprint
    • Portable Perfection: Convenient and lightweight for on-the-go adventures
    • Secure Comfort: Features premium Velcro cuffs for a snug fit
    • Coverage: with Hood
    • Bike-Friendly: Includes two-button side panel adjustments for cycling ease
    • Pack & Go: Comes with a built-in pouch for effortless folding and storage
    • Compact Storage: Pouch dimensions are 31cm x 33cm x 2cm
    • Feather-Light: Weighs in at just 250g
    • Rainproof Royalty: Offers 100% waterproof protection for ultimate dryness
    • Very Neat A QR-Code for rain app on your Rain Coat