Royal Star Necklace with Strass


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  • Nice strass stones
  • Long Chain
  • Eye Catching Star


Royal Star Necklace with Strass shows that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. This blue necklace has some striking large and smaller strass stones. They complement the four large blue stones. It is set in such a way that you can see a star or even a blue flower on the necklace.

The strass stones have been cut in such a way that you have two different cuts. One is the traditional round one, and to emphasise the roundness of the other stones, you will find four square rocks. In total, you will find nine strass stones.
The chain on this royal star necklace with strass and setting has an old god/old bronze exterior.

Due to the length of the necklace, 40.5 cm, it is one which is slightly longer than usual. However, you can adapt the length to your liking. You could easily wear this necklace with a royal blue dress. It will complement your dress perfectly. However, other colours will work perfectly as well.

The dimension of this necklace is as follows: The length of the complete necklace is 40.5 cm / 15,9 inches. The sizes of the bluestones are 2 cm / 0,79 cm. The total size of the star is a length of 6.2 cm / 2.4 inches width is the same since it is completely symmetrical. This Royal Star jewellery is definitely one to have in your jewellery box.

Please have a look at more necklaces and necklace sets as they are one-of-a-kind.


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