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These Fan Earrings consists of staggered wings of a fan overlap slightly, each splayed which makes out the pattern of a small hand an. Each fan earring is the mirror image of the other. One is fanning to the right, and the opposite is fanning out to the left. If you could hold them together, it would make more like an upside plant made out of silver.

The outside wing of each earring is a little shinier than the rest, which gives a lovely effect.

These fan earrings are a bit shorter then the rest of the collection. We have not forgotten the customers who like to wear shorter earrings. The length of these earrings are 4 cm.

Pair these silver earrings with one of the lovely rings from this collection. You can ensemble your own jewellery set this way.

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Weight 4.3 g
Dimensions 4 × 1.6 cm

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Sterling Silver