Flower Bracelet with Strass


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Cute bracelet

Different varieties among the bracelets

Set with Strass Stones


Flower bracelet with strass, set in an old bronze looking chain. A lovely finished bracelet which actually can be worn by girls. However, it is easily also a women’s bracelet due to the fabulous design. The bracelet has coloured flowers around it. Quite something else than you usually see. It has a bit of a rugged look, although still very fine. Each flower is set with a strass stone, and it has the same colour.

At the end of the chain, there is a flower in metal. As well in this little flower, you will find a small strass stone except for the yellow bracelet, which has a different, more pronounced metal flower. The flower bracelet with strass consists out of 8 flowers in total.

Adorable flower bracelet with strass for girls or anybody who likes a bit of sweetness in their life. Want more children’s jewellery? Have a look at more bracelets for girls & boys. Most of them are gold-plated accessories. The best gold plating you can get. It will not fade for a long time. And while you at it, you can order, of course, something for yourself as well. We have some amazing jewellery and accessories for adults as well.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 20 cm

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