Red Gothic Necklace Set — Red Gothic Necklace Set Extreme necklace set with bead tassels Extreme necklace set with bead tassels —

Gift card 10-100 Euro


Gift cards are available at Yazzy’s Fashion Accessories. They are available from 10 € – 100 €.

After purchase you will be send a personalised gift card. If you would like to send a personal message with this card this is possible one or two sentences shouldn’t be problem. Please notify us at check out in the notes section.

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Yazzy’s Fashion Accessories Gift cards. This can be the perfect present for any birthday, anniversary or just because. Available in several different amounts so the recipient can chose what they want. No fuss that somebody will not like your gift. Just give them a gift card of Yazzy’s. As simple as that.

However, you can choose from other amounts as well like 10 €, 50€, 75€ and 100€.

After you purchased the giftcard a personalised gift card will be sent to you with a special code. Please keep this in a save place.



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