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Extreme necklace set with bead tassels


  • Wearable in different ways
  • Nice long earrings
  • Earrings 11.5 cm long

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Extreme necklace set with bead tassels in pink hues. Why we call the necklace extreme? Because of the length and of course because of the beauty of the entire set. Can be worn in multiple ways, the necklace is 70 cm long. So you can hang it like a scarf long or have it hanging short. Let your imagination go wild on this one! This set comes with very long earrings as well. The earrings are basically an exact replica of the necklace, they look like tassels and can be worn easily separately from the necklace.

They are both a real eye-catcher is this one.

Additional information

Weight153 g
Dimensions70 cm

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