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Necklace Set with Spheres


  • Very beautiful and classy necklace set
  • Colour changing of the crystals is breathtaking
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Swarovski Necklace set with spheres made of resin. This is again a necklace set which is lovely pairing of the roundness of the spheres and the drop which hanging elegantly down. All the drops are marvellously surrounded by several crystals. These crystals are made of the famous Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystal makes it even more unique. Complimented with perfectly matched earrings also with the Aurora Borealis crystal. Every comes together in the resin in the form of a drop. The metal has old silver finish which compliments all in a perfect manner.

This necklace can be worn in the evening, day or as a bridal necklace.

Additional information

Weight75 g
Dimensions45.5 cm


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