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Always handle your jewellery with care. Especially the more valuable ones with the Swarovski Crystals. Don’t be rough with them and don’t shower with them. Already with these 2 guidelines you will have your jewellery for a very long time.

A good way to keep leather products well maintained is use a good quality leather creme on your bag

Additionally have a look at our how to as well. We give some tips for instance how to care for leather products or also regarding Swarovski crystals as well. You can find the the how to here

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Always handle your jewellery with care. Especially the more valuable ones with the Swarovski Crystals. Don’t be rough with them and don’t shower with them. Already with these 2 guidelines you will have your jewellery for a very long time.
A good way to keep leather products well maintained is use a good quality leather creme on your bags. Don't economise or compromise on this, it will make sure that your leather handbag will last for years. That is one to begin with. Now some other points of advise [caption id="attachment_41546" align="aligncenter" width="413"]Blue leather handbag Baguette Bag Blue leather handbag Baguette Bag[/caption]   
  •  Use your dust bag. All our full leather bags are delivered with a dust bag. So if you store your bag for longer period of time, put it in the dust bag for storing. This will keep it away from direct sunlight as well. So the color doesn't fade.
  • When stored; fill your handbag with old cloths or something similar. It will keep the shape. Do not use newspapers or such they can stain the inside.
  • When cleaning your bag;  Don't use harsh and chemical substances like vinegar, milk and such for stain removal. It can damage the leather or the interior of your handbag.
  • When you clean your bag do a try out first ; somewhere on the handbag where it is not really visible first.
  • Same goes for the leather wallets 

What Makes Good Leather?


Most people know that leather is generally identified as the hide or skin from an animal. But what most people don't know is how to tell the difference between poor quality leather and top quality leather that will last you for a long time.

Usually, we assume that our expensive designer labelled items will have used the finest quality leather to produce their products, however certain fake products or 'knock-offs' may, in fact, be made using poor quality leather and may even use plastic, PU or faux leather instead. Whilst there isn't anything wrong with these materials - providing they aren't passed off as real, genuine leather - if you want to be sure you're getting a top quality leather product here are a few things to look out for:

1. Keywords

Certain words are an instant sign that a product is not genuine, good quality leather. These can include words like 'bonded', 'coated' or 'laminated'. If you see any of these words on the label of your product, you can be sure it isn't the best quality leather and in fact, may not be genuine leather at all.


2. The touch

Another great way to tell the difference between real and fake leather is by touching the product. If the material on an item feels really smooth or if it feels at all like plastic, it is most likely fake. You can also tell the quality of real leather by touching it. Good quality leather should feel tough but flexible, but poor quality leather will feel smoother and more similar to fake leather.

So, now you know more about identifying good quality leather, why should you pay the extra money for the real deal?


Good Leather Can Last A Lifetime

If leather is of a good quality it will last forever. This means that while it may often come at a higher price than poor or fake leather products, it is usually worth the investment as the item will last a lot longer. Top quality leather will also age well, whereas fake leather makes start to crack, peel or flake over time.

  Quality leather workmanship

The Leather Working Process Takes Time and Care

Real, top quality leather is often priced higher than poor quality leather because the process that must be taken to make products out of good leather is so extensive. The process takes a lot of time and care and so is often worth much more than a poor quality product.

In the simplest terms, to make a leather product, the outer two layers on each side of the hide are removed before the leather can go through the tanning process. This is called liming.

Because the skin of an animal often becomes thicker with age, the skin of animals of different ages will often be used for different products. For example, the hide from a mature bull is often the toughest and thickest hide available and so these are only used for very specific items. Cowhide is the most commonly used hide when producing leather products.

However, sometimes a hide may be too thick for the product it is set to make. In these cases the layers of the hide are split- this is called grain leather or flesh split. Flesh split is much thinner than leather and is more commonly known as suede.

Leather at Yazzy's

We always provide high quality leather items and will never let something pass for what it is not. To view some of our beautiful leather handbags, take a look at our online store.

Ring Sizes can vary by brand. Most of the dimensions are expressed in millimeters of the circumference or the inner diameter of the ring (also known as the European ring size). Occasionally the US sizing is being used. But what is the best way to calculate your size?

Ways to determine the size

A convenient way to do it your self is the following: you can take a string or ribbon around your finger and measure the the millimeters with a ruler. Just make sure you do not over tighten the ribbon or string, but keep it a little loose. If your number of millimeters doesn't match exactly the amount of millimeters indicated in the table, then take the closest (larger) size. The best moment to do this is at the end of the day in a warm  environment. The reason for this is that your fingers but also your legs, will be slightly more swollen. Also when it is colder your hands or fingers "shrink". So that would mean that maybe you wouldn't be able to wear your ring in summer. In order to determine the inner diameter you can look up the size in millimeters in the size chart and find the associated inner diameter.US sizes can also be found in the ring size table by linking the periphery to the designated US size.Many jewelers or shops where they sell rings can also measure your ring size. The jewelers use special tools to measure ring sizes. You might now them but there is no use to buy something only especially for that.So this is how to determine your ring size. Simple isn't it?    

Conversions of ring sizes


Ring Sizes

Inside diameterInside circumference
InchesMMInchesMMUSUKChina/Japan IndiaEU

Detecting fake Swarovski crystals

 Here is a little guide in detecting fake Swarovski crystals in fashion jewelry and any where else it has been used. It is in no way exhaustive. If you have some input, please let us and everybody else know. In this way we can learn from each other how not to fall into the trap. 


This one is quite easy to detect. We often see jewelry which claims to be "Genuine" Swarovski crystals. The necklace, ring or any other piece has many crystals. The price is 2 $. This is impossible since only in material it would be much more expensive to produduce. Very simple, impossible! The same goes for people who buy only the elements to use in jewelry making. If it is too cheap to be true, it is possibly not the real deal. 

The Cut

 The cut is quite specific with Swarovski crystals. It is straight and doesn't swirl, crooked or any other funny things going on. Secondly, the shine is extremely present. This is the equal with the beads and crystals. Also the clarity, a bit like a diamond, should be clear. No clouding and such should be visible. Of course this is quite difficult or not at all seeable in a black crystal. But the surface should be smooth. 


The best way is of course to compare 2 crystals next to each other. Then you will for sure see the difference. Of course also experience in this will help. So the more you handle them, the better you will become in detecting fake Swarovski crystals. You can be sure that with us you buy the real deal. We HATE fakes, imitations and anything related to this We only use the reputable and high quality materials. If you want to see Fashion Jewelry with real Swarovski crystals you can go have a look here for fashion jewelry with real Swarovksi crystals.  [caption id="attachment_883" align="aligncenter" width="624"]Detecting fake Swarovski crystals Here an example of a fabulous necklace with Swarovski crystals and faux pearls[/caption] 

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