We are starting early this year with the information regarding Christmas delivery. But if you wish to receive updates regarding this, subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be the first to know. Since due to the current covid-19 situation, this can change in an instant. And of course, there are much more benefits to subscribing to our newsletter than only knowing about the Christmas delivery dates. 

However, do expect to be busier than usual and that the post might have less capacity to deliver your packages still. We are always trying to find the best solution for you.

As Yazzy’s, we do like to help you out with this, of course. So we are taking the following measures.

We will send all packages wrapped ad presents. So there is no need to order this separately anymore. Even better, it is free!

Christmas Delivery Dates

At the moment we are not yet sure about the dates. However, we will publish them on this page and in the newsletter as soon as we know.

Don’t you just love this time of the year? Christmas, new years eve and new years parties. They are approaching quickly. 

To receive all your presents and deliveries in time, we advise ordering as soon as possible.


However, the earlier the better!

Please take in account to have your order in by 14.00 CET (central European time) or 2 PM CET. We will ship your item the same day. That is a promise unless there is no possibility to achieve this. However, we will notify you if something like that occurs.