Shipping & Handling Costs


As soon as your order has cleared for payment your order will be processed and made ready for shipment. If you order an item or items during the holidays or weekend, it might happen that there are 2 days added to this. However, you will always be notified about the status of your order. Orders received before 15.00 hours will be dispatched the same day.

Below you can find a table with all the prices.


Shipping costs will depend on the weight and your geographical zone. We offer free shipping for orders from € 50,–  for Europe and the rest of the world. This is very good news for the Rest of the World of course.

Free shipping is always done via the post. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping with DHL anymore due to a steep price hike. However, if you have an issue using the post or any other issue please contact us. We are very flexible so we always wish to help our customers.

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Shipments are always send with a tracking number. An exception to this are the children’s jewellery.



For jewellery we have 2 standard rates: € 3.75 and for smaller items like rings, earrings has a rate of € 2.95 .Handbags are € 4.75. Children’s Jewellery has a standard rate of € 1.95 All products are send with a tracking code with the exception of Kids jewellery. 


Jewellery and small leather items will cost € 7.39. Children’s Jewellery € 4.89 and Handbags € 11.39. Also here all items are send with a tracking code except for Children’s Jewellery.

The World

The world is basically everything outside of Europe. Be aware that some areas which are in Europe will fall under this header. This can always be checked during the order process where you always will see your shipping costs.


The world has a standard rate for Children’s Jewellery of € 2.25. Fashion Jewellery and small leather accessories are € 4.75. Rings and earrings € Handbags are € 6.50. Free shipping is offered from € 50.00.


Jewellery and small leather items like wallets are shipped for € 8.00, Kids jewellery € 8.00 and Handbags are € 15.00.

Delivery time

Delivery for Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium is around 1 to 3  days after dispatch. European union should be around 2 to 5 days. This is working days.

Please allow longer delivery times for items send outside the European union.

Pick up

If you wish, you can also pick up your order. Please chose the correct delivery method during ordering your product(s) and advise us at what time and day you wish to pick up your order.

Free Shipping is available : Europe and Rest of the world € 50 

Europe Shipping

Jewellery & Small Leather Items€ 3.75€ 7.39
Small Jewellery€ 2.95€ 4.89
Kids Jewellery€ 1.95€ 4.89
Handbags€ 4.75€ 11.39

Non-Europe Shipping

Jewellery & Small Leather Items€ 4.75€ 8.00
Small Jewellery€ 3.95€ 8.00
Kids Jewellery€ 2.25€ 8.00
Handbags€ 6.75€ 15.00
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