Plant a tree with your name at Yazzy's

New at Yazzy’s plant a tree, your tree

You might have been following us on Social media, and you might know that we are big fans of nature. Also, you can see this in some of our jewellery and accessories. We love nature since it has amazing shapes and colours.

Plant a tree

We will plant a tree for every review without extra costs. It will be, of course, a small version, as planting a full-grown tree is a quite an endeavour. To give the tree a bit more personality, we name the tree after the reviewer. Of course, only your first name. So you could be on the other side of the world and have a tree named after you. How cool is that!

plant a tree at yazzy's
Plant a tree at Yazzy’s

Why will you be planting trees?

You might ask yourself why? You are not a horticulture company or anything close to that. Well, as we can see around us, the environment is not doing that great. So we wanted to do something in return which is lasting. We could close our doors on Black Friday, but that is only one day and planting a tree is a bit more lasting. 

Plant a tree at Yazzy’s

Secondly, we have a large plot at our disposal, and it would be really cool to have this full of trees. The only thing we ask you to do is write a review after you purchased a product from us on Google or our website. We know you are all very busy, so it doesn’t have to be long review. Just write a one or two sentences about the product and service, and we will be happy. 

If you have any questions, remarks or concerns, don’t hesitate and share them with us. 

You can choose to place your review on Google. You can do this on our profile. If you rather have it on our website, you can write it under the product you have bought. You also can do it on Facebook if you wish.

Our thanks will be eternal.