Gift Guide for gifts below 50 Euro

Gifts 50 Euro and Below

Find great and unique fashion jewellery and accessories below € 50. Whether you are looking for necklace or bracelet.
You will find something at Yazzy’s for sure.

Free shipping available if you purchase for € 50 worldwide. That is convenient isn’t it?
And we send gifts with any order over € 10.
If you order for at least € 50 you get 2 gifts.

Note that all purchases except from the concept store are gift wrapped.
This will give you more time for looking for the right presents on our site.

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spikey ring unisex

Spikey Ring

V Silver Ring

V Silver Ring

SaleChoker with Swarovski Crystals

Choker Swarovski Crystals

32.50 27.50
Salemedaillion swarovski necklace set orangeSmall Pendant Swarovski crystals necklace set

Pendant Swarovski Crystals

29.75 25.00
SaleRed Oval Studs Earrings Large PairRed Oval Studs Earrings

Red Oval Studs

9.50 8.50
Spine Bracelet handmade jewellery

Spikey Bracelet

Saleoorbellen verzilverdAmband set verzilverd met oorbellen Verzilverde Sieraden Set

Wired Jewellery Set

35.00 32.50
SaleGreen vintage necklaceGreen Vintage Look Necklace Set

Vintage Look Necklace Set

53.50 47.50
SaleGold Plated Spheres EarringsGold Plated Spheres Earrings
Saleblack purple flower

Black Flower Studs

11.50 10.50
SaleTriple Swarovski stud earrings
SaleSwarovski Black Stud Earrings Matte

Black Studs Matte

6.50 5.25
SaleTurkoois Bedelarmband

Turquoise Charm Bracelet

19.50 15.00
SaleFlowers bracelet and strass blue
SaleNecklace Set with Spheres

Necklace Set with Spheres

50.00 42.00
Salestatement ring acrylic double ring for 2 fingersAcrylic double ring statement ring

Acrylic double ring

17.75 15.00
SaleCharm bear braceletbear charm bracelet

Bear charm bracelet

6.50 5.20
SaleNecklace with feather blackBohemian Feather Necklace with Beads

Bohemian Feather Necklace

23.50 19.50
SaleBoho Feathers Necklace Set EarringBoho Feathers Necklace Set

Boho Feathers Necklace Set

24.50 19.50
Saletribal necklace setBoho Tribal Necklace

Tribal Necklace Set Niagra

22.50 16.50
SaleBlue butterfly earrings gold platedVlindertjes bedelarmband kindersieraden

Butterfly Charm Bracelet

6.50 4.00
SaleCharm Star Bracelet

Charm Star Bracelet

4.50 3.75
Salered butterfly earringsBlue butterfly earrings gold plated

Concept Store

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Pink Green Premium Cushions

Premium Green Pink Cushions

Swirl Premium Cushions Black and White

Swirl Premium Cushions

swirl towel black and white

Swirl Towel

SaleRose gold earring buds with heartSilver Hexagon Stud Earrings

Silver Hexagon Stud Earrings