On the verge of extinction

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Out of stockBaton Rouge Swarovski Necklace SetBaton Rouge Red Gothic Necklace Set
Pink charm bracelet on wristVolle Roze bedelarmband
Popularart nouveau necklace detailart nouveau necklace
Popularbrooch la belle epoquebrooch la belle epoque art nouveau
Hearts choker-with earrings and faux-pearls
Populargothic necklace swarovski crystalsGothic necklace jet black swarovski crystals
Jet black bracelet Swarovski CrystalsGothic Swarovski Bracelet
acrylic ringacrylic ring

The name says it all. These product are the last of the last. They will not be reproduced. For people who want to be unique. On the verge of extinction products, like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, necklace set. Fashion accessories and much more is coming.

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