Children's Jewellery

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heart smiley bracelet for kids
half moon bracelet
girl's charm bracelet
Flowers bracelet and strass blue
Bracelet kids blue flowersflowers red flower bracelet for children
blue dolphins children earringsdolphin earrings
Charm Star Bracelet
butterfly red gold platedBlue butterfly earrings gold plated
Blue butterfly earrings gold platedVlindertjes bedelarmband
Charm bear braceletbear charm bracelet

Children’s Jewellery

We cannot forget the little ones among us. We have some lovely and fun children’s jewellery in our collection. And as you are used to from us, cannot be bought anywhere on the net. So just like mamma you are going to wear some, one of a kind jewellery. Isn’t that fun?

The children’s jewellery we have in our collection are: earrings, bracelets with charms. But also some unique jewellery with little animals and flowers. Some with beautiful and bright colours. Most of the jewellery for kids are gold plated. Above all, this plating has been done in the highest quality. So your bracelet or earring will not fade over time. This can happen if the gold plating is cheaply done. So they will stay beautiful for a very long time. In short, so you and the little one can enjoy your jewellery even longer.

Gif it as a present

Yazzy’s Children’s jewellery, however, all jewellery of Yazzy’s fall under this, are fun to receive and to give. Also for some special occasion like a birth or birthday, they are a perfect present. We can even take care of the wrapping for you. We have a gift-wrapping service which can be easily added to your order.

Low Price

As you know, children grow very, very fast. So this a real bonus that you will receive a lovely piece of children’s jewellery with the look of 18 karat gold. But the price is low. The quality isn’t. This is a big bonus, of course.

We are sending children’s jewellery via the standard post. Not to increase the price too much. But if you order something for yourself as well, then we can send everything in one package of course.

We can even offer free delivery if your order is above € 45. This is world wide. So have a look in our jewellery shop, or also the accessories might have something of your liking.